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Reiki: My top ten choice of blog posts this month

Beginning a monthly series of “Top 10” Reiki posts – the choices are purely subjective!  If I like it enough, it’s in.  If you’d like to be considered, please leave a comment below – love to hear from you … and love to read posts on Reiki, so don’t be shy!

In no particular order:

1. Healing Crisis and Cure – Pamela Miles – Pamela’s interest in taking Reiki into mainstream medicine is well known.  Here she talks about the difference between a medic’s approach to healing crisis compared to that of an alternative practitioner.  Interesting and well written, particularly in view of the anxiety Reiki practitioners express about them.

2. A Reiki Difference of Opinion – Judith Chikara-Reiki-Do – Judith’s answer to a correspondant’s anxiety about a sceptic’s opinion oozes common sense.  Very approachable article written in a style that lets you get to know her.

3. More Reiki High Jinks: Confirmation Bias – Short and Spiky –  Practitioners take note – how we appear on our websites is how people will judge both us and Reiki.  This post is amusing and made me smile, mainly because it is so true of so many of us!  Oh, and by the way – the picture at the top right of the article is one of my friends.  She’d laugh too!

4. Reiki – An Holistic Approach to Health – Andy Cook: London Holistic – Lovely article on the effect of daily Reiki practice and how it brings all the mind/body/spirit system into balance over time.  Certainly worth a look and some contemplation.

5. De-clutter (Feng Shui) your Reiki – Seth Dennon: Dimensional Bliss – Feng Shui is one of my favourite modalities.  To bring the Feng Shui approach to Reiki practice is an excellent idea.  Thought provoking post by Seth Dennon and very much worth a read.

6. How Reiki Helped Me: My Own Journey to Get Well and Help Others – Dr. Rebecca Shaheen: Relax in the Attic – Always good to see a positive post on Reiki from a medical doctor.  And particularly good to see she has had such great results!

7. True Happiness and Reiki – – This blogger is too shy to reveal their name, unfortunately.  Beautiful post on the path to happiness through Reiki.

8. Reiki and Canine Transitions – Kathleen Prasad: Dogs Naturally Magazine – We’re often very frightened by death, but in this lovely post about her dog’s last days, with Reiki always there smoothing the transition, Kathleen Prasad shares the sense of connection and comfort for the animal and the practitioner supported by the presence of Reiki.  Definitely worth a read.

9. Reiki as a Spiritual Practice – Candice Diggs: My Reiki Life – Response to the queries about Reiki and religion – did one myself here – well expressed and passionate.

10. Are Distance Attunements Valid in Reiki – Richard Ellis: Practical Reiki – well argued post by Richard Ellis.  Yes, I know everyone wants to do Reiki the easy way, but unless you are in a class with a Master/Teacher present, there are no guarantees.

Who do you think should be included next month?  Make your suggestions and comments below



6 thoughts on “Reiki: My top ten choice of blog posts this month”

  1. I don’t post in my Reiki blog nearly as often as I could, or should. Here us where I share some of my personal thoughts and insights plus share articles I have written on the subject of Reiki and energy healing.

    1. Had a quick look at your site, Nan – really great picture of you! We used to live in Scotland so here are some suggestions of places for you to look at if you like: Findhorn, of course – great place, full of what my son calls “hippies”, but people who are in fact very open to different ways of thinking. It’s a great centre for healing and innovation. We loved it there.

      Also places in Argyle, like Oban and further out towards Tarbert – Tarbert particularly has a buzz to it that wasn’t there when I visited as a child. With the demise of the fishing fleet, they’ve concentrated on attracting the yatching crowd – constant turnover, open minded and pleasant. Just some thoughts, for what they’re worth.

      These comments are where I’ll be looking first next month for my top ten, so glad to have your details here 🙂 Thanks!

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